Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Ongoing study and connection is essential to being excellent at anything we do. Having trained hundreds of new teachers over the years, I know that even the best 200-hour basic training provides merely a foundation. From there a new teacher begins a new phase that demands feedback and guidance in order to evolve and grow.

I offer mentorship at any point in one’s development and from any training background.   Over the years I have attracted teachers that choose to work one-on-one with me because they feel a connection to the way I integrate solid alignment information with authentic philosophy and connection to spirit into meticulously sequenced classes. Sessions are crafted for you specifically, focusing on what you want to work on as well as stretching your personal development and challenging you to become the teacher that you want to be. My approach is nurturing, supportive and generous with whatever knowledge I can offer.

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Our work may include:

  • Finding your authentic voice so that you are clear about WHAT you are teaching and WHY
  • Analyzing and refining your sequencing, including learning my signature method of DISSECTING THE POSE and CREATING A MASTER LIST
  • Clarifying your language for cueing and alignment instruction
  • Deepening your knowledge of the subtle energy body and how to incorporate it into your teaching
  • How to teach for different level classes and/or how to teach OPEN classes that feel right for everyone
  • Hands on adjustments and props
  • Crafting workshops and series that you would like to offer
  • Assistance in putting together and leading retreats
  • Building your classes and attracting the right students
  • Interpretation of poems, books and ancient texts and how to bring them into the classroom with inspiration and confidence
  • How to approach the business side of working with studios and owners and finding where you belong
  • Managing your personal schedule and time effectively, including self-care and personal development
  • Talking about your experience as a teacher and having support and guidance along the way
  • Working with private clients and customizing sessions for specific needs or injuries
  • Creating a healthy relationship to money, what to charge and how to feel and create value for yourself and your work

Sessions take place via phone, Skype, or in person at my apartment. 


Work With Me

Jyoti—3 Month Program     

This program is for teachers who want to create an ongoing steady relationship with a teacher mentor. Through multiple sessions there is opportunity to implement new information in your classes, create continuity and have continued discussion to refine and integrate your skills. This program includes:

  • Three 60-minute sessions (can be at any interval but usually monthly is ideal)
  • A questionnaire to be filled out before we begin
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Relevant handouts or materials created by me for your personal use
  • Books and other reading recommendations
  • Option to submit a 20-minute video of your teaching for feedback

Investment: $595 in full or 2 Payments of $325

Working with Stacey transformed the way I practice and teach Yoga. Stacey helped me find my voice and strength as a teacher. She taught me how to plan fun, effective and relatable classes, combining Yoga philosophy with intelligent sequencing for a well-rounded and accessible Yoga practice. With Stacey’s guidance I have grown into a teacher with confidence able to lead a diverse group of students in any setting. I am so grateful for Stacey’s intuitive approach and am honored to be her student.
— Simone N.

Dharana—Single Laser Session

Think of this as a burst of energy and inspiration. This session is best used to target a specific single focus. 

This session includes:

  • One 90-minute session
  • A questionnaire to be filled out prior to session to determine specific desired outcome
  • Two follow up email exchanges/support or recommendation to set up follow-up session
  • Handouts or worksheets if applicable

Sample topic ideas:

  • You are working on an upcoming workshop or series and want to have a brainstorming session, feedback and/or help with the structure
  • To review your teaching itinerary for a retreat
  • To ask for guidance regarding a specific private client

Investment: $250

Kriya—Class Evaluation


This is a special opportunity to have a mentor attend your class and provide constructive and loving feedback with specific details about your voice, language, cueing, presence, dharma talk, sequencing and overall presentation. It is invaluable to have someone that you trust and feel supported by observe you in the classroom and provide action steps that you can immediately implement and see tangible results in your teaching and classes.

This package includes:

  • Audio or Video submission of a 1 hour or 75 minute class
  • One-hour feedback session either immediately following or to be scheduled within a few days on the phone or via skype, depending on availability.
  • 30-minute follow up call via phone or Skype after 2-3 weeks of implementing changes

Investment: $350

There are no words to express my genuine gratitude for Stacey and the mentorship program she has so meticulously crafted. My teaching skill set has been elevated more than I could have ever imagined, because of her unique ability to tap into her mentee’s natural abilities and interests. Her expertise and caring guidance is unparalleled, and the bond we have formed as a result is something I will always treasure. As a teacher who is interested in learning, growing and expanding, a mentor’s role is key to those successes. I cannot thank Stacey enough for being all of those things and much, much more.
— Angela V.