Yoga Classes in New York City

Teaching Yoga is a true calling for me. I love being in the classroom and sharing everything I know about the philosophy, science and practice: I find the exchange magical. I have been a student for 20 years and an instructor for 18. My classes are mostly Vinyasa, sometimes restorative and skillfully crafted to lead to a destination. I am passionate about alignment, energy, space, time and the universe.

In a class with me you will flow to a perfect soundtrack, learn something, get lost in your body, clear your mind, breathe deeply and connect to something greater. I teach all levels of students and take great pride in the art of bringing what is most beneficial and relevant to you at whatever point of the journey you are on—my Level 1 classes are designed to make you fall in love with yoga and come back for more. My advanced classes are a home to teachers and long-time practitioners.

I create an atmosphere of warmth, possibility and encouragement. If you come to my class you might laugh, realize that you can do something you didn’t think was possible and I promise you will leave with a greater sense of wellbeing and knowing a little bit more than when you came in. I have been studying with my primary teacher Rodney Yee and at The Iyengar Institute for many years and hold myself to a standard of excellence that I hope reflects my deep respect and gratitude for my teachers and the practice itself.

What makes Stacey a one-of-a-kind teacher is that intangible ‘X-factor.’ Stacey has a way of creating a feeling tone in every single class she teaches that, without fail, leads to some sort of shift. I can personally attest that I always walk away from one of Stacey’s classes feeling like I’ve taken a step in the right direction, a step towards greater wholeness, oneness and wellness. Stacey makes you feel something. Stacey makes you feel...better.
— Lauren P.

You can find me teaching these weekly public classes:

  • Mondays 4:30-5:45pm Level 2 (Yogamaya)

  • Tuesdays 10-11:30am Level 3 (Yogamaya)

  • Fridays 10-11:45am Level 3 (Yogamaya)

  • Saturdays 10:30am-12pm Level 1 (Yogamaya)

Stacey has been my yoga teacher for over 15 years. From the very first time I took her class, I knew Stacey was a special kind of teacher, the kind of person whose full focus, energy and expertise is delivered to every student with love and patience. Her creativity in crafting a vinyasa practice is balanced beautifully by her dedication to good form. She beautifully builds a bridge between the lessons we learn on the mat and the action of yoga in our everyday life—the mysteries of the universe, the human brain, and our interactions with each other. Everyone who takes Stacey’s class is changed for the better—physically, intellectually and spiritually. We are lucky to have her as a member of the New York yoga community and I am proud to call her my teacher.
— Farah A.