Transformational Health & Life Coaching

What is Transformational Coaching Method (TCM)?

TCM is a co-creative process between coach and client that inspires you to step into a higher vision of yourself and see possibilities and options where you may be feeling limited and stuck.  It is about uncovering and examining beliefs and patterns and changing your thoughts and ideas about yourself so that you become different without trying to be different in the best possible way.  TCM is based in neurolinguistic programming and the science of behavior and habit change. 

What happens during a session?

Our coaching sessions have structure while always allowing space for whatever is happening in the moment.  In TCM we have a variety of processes, tools, questioning sequences and experiential exercises that help you build awareness, awaken intuition, gain clarity and take action.  My programs are customized to the individual and I come to every session with an intention specifically for you and where you are on your journey.  

What is the difference between TCM and Therapy?

In TCM the coach and client are in a partnership with a shared vision for a desired outcome.  Whereas therapy may utilize a longer approach to fully explore what brought you to this moment, in TCM we create measurable goals that form the pathway to what you would like to be experiencing NOW and in your future.  TCM and therapy are similar in that they both encourage self-discovery and awareness, but as your coach, I provide a system of action that creates forward momentum and change.  In addition, I provide loving support and cheerleading, and I am your built in accountability partner to keep you on track and even give you a little kick in the butt when needed!

How will I know if I want health or life coaching?

I am a certified health and life coach.  I believe that your health IS one of the many “parts” of your life so essentially I am always doing some blend of health and life coaching with all of my clients.  In our discovery breakthrough session we will get a better idea of what parts of your life are most in need of nourishment and attention first and then I construct your unique program from there.  You don’t have to have any worry or try to figure out what you need to work on.  With my guidance and trusting the process, we will get to the heart of what will be the most perfect to work on for you right at this moment.  This might be anything from figuring out what you should be eating to losing weight to embarking on your next creative project to getting you out of overwhelm and self-doubt and into empowered action.

How do you decide who to work with?

I have at least one or more conversations with anyone interested in exploring a coaching relationship. Together we determine if there is a mutual feeling of connection and if the partnership feels like a right fit. I specialize in working with women (and the occasional man when it’s a good fit!). My clients range in experience from going through divorce and/or custody battles, changing careers or overcoming anxiety to building self-confidence, working on their relationship to themselves (self-love) and building their businesses with empowered mindset. I have particular experience and understanding helping individuals who have been in toxic environments and/or relationship with a narcissist (personal or workplace).


How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching is right for you if you are ready to experience change and if you are willing to do the work.  By work, I mean to engage fully in the process, to be open, to be willing to consider something new and most importantly to be ready to let go of what is not working and focus on moving forward and what you want for yourself. Coaching is NOT for you if you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, if you want to dwell in the past or focus on other people and their behaviors.  While we will look at everything in your life and what has shaped your beliefs and thoughts, this process is about YOU and how you can love yourself unconditionally, feel confident and amazing in your skin, recognize your unlimited potential, and begin the process of creating your dream life!  We can’t change anyone else, we can only change ourselves.  And that is one of the most beautiful gifts of being human – so don’t squander it.

What do I do next?

Schedule a free discovery breakthrough session with me by clicking over to my online scheduler.  Once you book your session you will receive a questionnaire and the details of our call.  This coaching session is totally free with no strings attached and I guarantee you will come away from our time feeling inspired and with some new insights whether we work together or not.

How much does coaching cost?

At the end of our discovery breakthrough call, we will discuss whether or not we both think that we are a good fit for each other.  I will tell you more about my program and I will also share the investment with you at that time. 

Stacey is a rockstar. Engaging and receptive and totally meets you where you are to help you push further towards your own personal goals. She’s the best type of cheerleader, making sure your goals are clear but then reminding you what you accomplished and where you’re going. I consider myself to be pretty self-motivated but with Stacey’s help, I’ve been able learn what it means to work smarter instead of harder, really focusing on learning and valuing what’s important to me and getting rid of all the clutter (physical and emotional and LITERAL) so that I have the space to breathe and G R O W. It has been time incredibly well spent, I’ve done more with Stacey’s guidance in the past few weeks than I’ve done in the past 6 months and it feels awesome! This has been just the kick in the pants I’ve needed. Here’s to the journey!
— Halima H.
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