Are You Ready to Move the Needle in Your Coaching Business?

In Just 10 Weeks, 10 Determined Coaches Will Move

Out of Overwhelm and Into Action


  • Your vision for your life & business is so big & bold, but you’re finding it hard to break it down into next steps

  • You’ve learned so much that you’re not sure what to do first

  • All the cookie-cutter methods out there leave you struggling to find your authentic voice

  • You haven’t seen great - or any - results that have created clients or money

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For the past 18 years I have created and taught countless yoga teacher training certification programs, workshops, retreats and events. I co-founded a top yoga studio in NYC and ran a small business for 7 years and then left that business to launch my coaching business in May 2018. In November 2018 I won the top prize in a challenge called “$10K in 10 weeks” that was presented by my school the Health Coach Institute. In that challenge I made $10K in 10 weeks by taking consistent action in my coaching business and focusing on what I know to be the foundations of building ANY thriving business - using my already exiting skills, stepping outside of my comfort zone, trusting that I would figure out the HOW, focusing on my craft and finding ways to connect with my audience - both online and in person. In less than 1 year my coaching practice was “full” and I was hitting my monthly income goals consistently.

I truly believe that in order to become a successful coach you need to focus on 3 things in equal parts:

1. Coaching skills

2. Understanding YOUR business and how to create clients that you want to work with

3. Personal growth and mindset work through being coached yourself

I am a CAREER AND LIFE COACH. I help my clients do what I’ve done many times in my life - figure out how to do what they love, to succeed, to utilize what they are good at and then to CREATE SOMETHING NEW when it’s time to make a change. I am an expert at breaking things down, communicating and listening, bringing a sense of calm and ease into our work, and creating a feeling of possibility from which choices can be made.



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Stacey came into my life at the perfect time. When I first spoke with her I knew she had the kind of energy and vibe I needed in my support system. She is what i consider high vibe, super positive and compassionate. I was feeling stuck in my business and losing confidence. I was unclear about how I fit in as a coach. Stacey since has guided me in making conscious decisions about the direction of my business that feel in line with my truth. Since working with Stacey I have started my first high end group coaching program and could not be more happy about the direction of my business. I would not have wanted to do this without her.
— Sandy J.

I created this program because I have witnessed so many coaches getting stuck in overwhelm and not seeing that they already possess all of the skills they need to GET COACHING. You create your coaching business by COACHING, continuing to do your PERSONAL WORK and by taking ALIGNED ACTION in your business that highlights and showcases your unique voice and passion for helping people.

WEEK 1 - Introductions, Goal Setting and Philosophy

Get to know your coaching family for the next 10 weeks, lay the foundation for what you want to do for where YOU are in your business and get into an empowered mindset for our time together!

WEEK 2 - Coaching, Getting Down to Business and Confidence

This week is all about being in ACTION. Everyday. You don’t have a business to work on if you’re not coaching and if you have no systems in place. We’ll talk about how to ACT like a coach so that you FEEL like a coach even while you’re creating clients and figuring things out.

WEEK 3 - Hot Hook, Niche and Message - Oh My!

One of the most stressful things for any entrepreneur is the dreaded hot hook and niche! And forget about actually SAYING it out loud – it feels awkward and like you’re having an out of body experience. This week we’ll dive into all things hot hook, niche and message – what the difference is, when to use, why figure it out, and who you’re speaking to.

WEEK 4 - Being Seen & Heard

If you’re not telling anyone that you’re available to help them you are only doing them a disservice – your future clients need you! Building an authentic coaching practice takes time – planting seeds and nurturing your “know, like & trust” factor is part of it. Social Media, networking and consistently showing up are some of the tools we will embrace this week!

WEEK 5 - Creating Clients – The Process, Discovery Calls, Intention and Service

If you knew that talking to your prospective coach would feel like a sales call would you show up? Forming a coaching relationship is an exciting and wonderful thing and how you go about leading your partner through the dance to see if it’s a right fit for both of you is an art. This week we ditch the script and speak from the heart.

WEEK 6 - Money, Money Money – Mindset, Investments, Asking, Receiving and Value

You have a money story, your client has a money story, money has a money story… But money is just energy, right? This week’s lesson is all about your money mindset, how to think about your pricing, understanding what your client is investing in and believing in what you do.

WEEK 7 - Your Signature Talk, Lunch & Learns and other Ways to Share What You Do

“Done for You” talks can be great if they happen to align exactly with what type of coach you are but if not they can result in a bunch of discovery calls that go nowhere. Tap into what lights you up and what you want to share with your soulmate clients and create a talk or talks that you can use to make an offer, invite into a conversation or simply offer value while planting seeds.

WEEK 8 - Mastermind Week

Bring it on! This week everyone will have a mini-laser coaching session and we all get to learn and benefit from each other. This is an exciting and illuminating session with infinite takeaways!

WEEK 9 - What Do I Need? Websites, Biz Cards, Photos and other fun stuff!

It can be overwhelming to figure out what you really need and where to invest when creating the tools for your business. What is the difference between branding and a font-based logo? What can you do for free and what is worth spending on even before you are making money? Everyone is different and once you are armed with some info you can make informed decisions.

WEEK 10 - Now What? Goal Renewals, Integrations and Next Steps

By now you have hopefully been taking more consistent action than ever before and are living the dream! Brag a little, share your biggest takeaway and most importantly… get ready to set your next goal and declare it out loud!


Your Program Includes:

  • 10 Weekly Zoom Video Calls (Dates and Times Listed Below)

  • Content, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching on Every Call

  • Worksheets and Handouts when applicable

  • Each coach will receive one 60 minute 1:1 coaching call to work on business action steps AND one 90 minute 1:1 Deep Dive TCM (Transformational Coaching Method) call to work on Mindset, Beliefs and or anything that might be getting in the way of your success.

  • Private Facebook Group for support and accountability between sessions

  • Bonus!! Included in your investment will be my workshop “How to Create your free 4 week program on Facebook to create engagement, generate some buzz and book discovery calls” ($97 Value)

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Call Dates and Times (Eastern):

Week 1: Thursday Aug 15, 7-9pm
Week 2: Wednesday Aug 21, 7-9pm
Week 3: Tuesday Aug 27, 7-9pm
Week 4: Wednesday Sept 4, 7-9pm
Week 5: Wednesday Sept 11, 7-9pm
Week 6: Wednesday Sept 18, 7-9pm
Week 7: Wednesday Sept 25, 7-9pm
Week 8: Wednesday Oct 2, 7-9pm
Week 9: Thursday Oct 10, 7-9pm
Week 10: Wednesday Oct 16 7-9pm

Note: It is encouraged to be present on all calls but things happen and recordings will always be available after our calls!

Your Investment:

$2,000 Pay In Full, OR

3 Payments of $800

*Square Installments Available - click here to find out more!


Are you one of the 10 lucky coaches to join me for this empowering program?