Are You Ready to Move the Needle in Your Business?

15 Inspired Entrepreneurs for 12 Transformative Weeks


  • You know that you will never be fulfilled unless you are doing the work you are meant to be doing in the world and using your gifts

  • You’re open for business but you’re not sure what you should be focusing on

  • You’re passionate about your mission but you don’t feel like you’re good at “marketing or “selling” or talking about what you do

  • You’re struggling to create clients and money and starting to feel discouraged or desperate

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? There’s nothing wrong with you! I know that the reason you decided to start your own business is because you are creative and the work you do doesn’t fit into any box. You can’t just look for a job - you have to make your own way. But what you are good at is what you DO, right?

I know it doesn’t seem easy to figure out how to build your own business and the learning curve is steep. It can be overwhelming to weed through all of the advice and info out there and figure out what you should be doing for you and your unique business.

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Have you already signed up for a program or course that promised you paying clients or 5-10 leads per week by creating a funnel or taking out paid ads?

Are you spending hours and hours “working” on your business behind the scenes instead of getting out and TALKING about your mission with passion and purpose?

Are you posting on social media and feeling like it’s not doing anything?

I created this program because I saw a NEED for entrepreneurs to stop spinning their wheels and focusing on the WRONG things.

Imagine waking up excited and ready to work in your business because you know what you should be focusing on to create clients and generate income?

You may even still have your full-time job but you have a system in place for knowing how to use your time wisely.

What if you knew exactly what to do each day to feel confident that you were taking the right action for your business to attract potential clients and create conversations that could lead to someone paying for your services?

I KNOW that in order to create a successful business you need to focus on 3 things in equal parts:

1. Understanding YOUR business and how to attract and create clients that you want to work with

2. Consistently engaging in your craft and finding ways to stay at the top your game

3. Managing your mindset and doing the inner work for abundance and confidence

I am a BUSINESS STRATEGIST FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS. I help my clients do what I’ve done many times in my life - figure out how to do what they love, to succeed, to utilize what they are good at and then to CREATE SOMETHING NEW when it’s time to make a change. I am an expert at breaking things down, communicating and listening, bringing a sense of calm and ease into our work, and creating a feeling of possibility from which choices can be made.

  • I WILL TEACH YOU. I have created and taught countless yoga teacher training certification programs, workshops, retreats and events. I am a curriculum writer, content creator and I know how to deliver information in a way that will make sense to you and help you to take action based on what you need right now.

  • I CREATED AND RAN A SMALL BUSINESS. I co-founded a top yoga studio in NYC and ran a small business for 7 years.

  • I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. In 2017 I left that business to launch my coaching business and understand the fears and the ups and downs and the risks that we take in order to follow our hearts.

  • I HAVE BUILT A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. In 2019 I started making consistent 5-figure income months and have created a well over 6-figure business in 18 months.

  • I HAVE POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS THAT CONVERT TO CLIENTS. I have a 98% conversion rate of “conversations to clients” and a full client list of individuals that come to me for transformational business and life coaching. This is significant because it is an art to build a relationship with someone who knows nothing about what you do that leads to having them invest in your services. Would this be helpful for you if I taught you how?

Are you already a YES?

Early Bird Enrollment Starts November 15!

Be an early bird and receive a bonus 30 minute 1:1 Strategy Call with Stacey and a special bonus group jumpstart call before we begin!

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I have been working with Stacey for over six weeks in her “Out of Overwhelm” program and believe that this has really changed my game. I feel more energized, calm and supported to just go for it. To move thru fear and overwhelm, and jump into the get up and go! With the little fire she lights under your butt, I have started my first FB live free series and feel it has been successful. Her perspective on really developing relationship first and being patient, helped me get more in tune with my coaching. She effectively takes the fear, stress and selling yourself out of it and gives ideas and suggestions that make so much more sense in helping people, not just building a business. Stacey has a take on coaching which for me, has helped reduce the stress of getting started on building a business. She has really helped me feel that as a new entrepreneur, I can not only do this but also be a loving, caring person at the same time.”
— Britt G.



I have witnessed so many entrepreneurs getting stuck in overwhelm and not seeing that they already possess all of the skills they need to be working with their ideal clients and making money! You create your success by taking ALIGNED ACTION in your business that highlights and showcases your unique voice and passion for helping people.

This program is for you if:

  • You are struggling to create consistent clients and income

  • You don’t know where to put your time and energy first in order to get the results you want

  • You are confused about your niche and/or messaging

  • You are stuck in thinking you don’t know “how” and are ready to break through that wall

  • You realize you are hiding and are ready to take action and put yourself out there

  • You are ready to show up, do the work, show up for yourself and the group and get into massive action

This program is not for you if:

  • You don’t know what kind of entrepreneur you are or what kind of business you want to have

  • You already have a steady flow of clients and are ready to take your business to the next level

    (If either of these are you let’s talk about 1:1 strategic coaching)

By going through this program you will get CLARITY on where you are in your business and what FOUNDATION pieces you may be missing and need to focus on. You will gain an understanding of what actions you need to take for NOW results and what actions you need to take for the LATER results.

WEEK 1: Introductions, Goal Setting and Philosophy

Get to know your coaching family for the next 12 weeks, lay the foundation for what you want to do for where YOU are in your business and get into an empowered mindset for our time together!

WEEK 2: Time Management, Money and What to Focus On

This week is all about being in ACTION. Everyday. You don’t have a business to work on if you’re not waking up with purpose and if you have no systems in place. We’ll talk about how to determine what you should be focusing on first and how to use your time wisely. If what you need right now is to start making money, where you put your energy is key!

WEEK 3: Hot Hook & Niche - Don’t Stress Out!

One of the most stressful things for any entrepreneur is the dreaded hot hook and niche! And forget about actually SAYING it out loud – it feels awkward and like you’re having an out of body experience. This week we’ll dive deep into your mission, why you do what you do, who you work with and how you help them. This clarity is the keystone for all that follows!

Week 4: Your Messaging is Your Magic

How you talk about what you do and why will ultimately become the foundation of your business or your “brand”. Everything you do from a social media post to an email to a talk needs to be woven together by your message and with your authentic voice. This week I will teach you what I call the 7 different styles of messaging that will give you endless ways to share what you do while speaking to your ideal client.

WEEK 5: Being Seen and Heard - Your Path to Attracting Clients

Whether online or on the ground, you need to know how you are going to let people know you are open and available for business! You get to decide if you are going to focus on “in person” or “online” or both and then have some strategic plans for how you are going to get the word out. Don’t forget, if you’re not telling anyone that you’re available to help them you are only doing them a disservice – your future clients need you! When you’re starting out spending money on ads is a total waste. This week is about grass roots, baby.

Week 6: The Free Gift of Facebook

For as long as it lasts, the amount of free marketing opportunities we have using Facebook are PRICELESS. AND, I see entrepreneurs squandering this opportunity not knowing how to EFFECTIVELY use this tool to their best advantage. What if I could teach you how to use this amazing platform to show up authentically, be in service AND make calls to action that help to grow your audience, create engagement and move people along your client pathway to investing with you?

WEEK 7: The Flow of Client Creation – Sales Through Service

If you’re in a service based industry then you know that what you’re “selling” can often feel intangible or esoteric to say the least. In many cases we are asking our clients to invest in an experience or process and while the outcome is ultimately what they are paying for, it’s difficult for them to understand that right off the bat. Having powerful conversations that connect our future clients to the desire and emotion associated with what they will get when they invest in working with us is an art. On this week’s call I am going to share my best practices for having the kind of conversations that convert to paying clients - without a script.

WEEK 8 - Money, Money, Money

You have a money story, your client has a money story, money has a money story… But money is just energy, right? This week’s lesson is all about your money mindset, how to think about your pricing, understanding what your client is investing in and believing in what you do.

WEEK 9 - Signature Talks, Workshops and Other Ways to Share What You Do

As we delve more deeply into client attraction we start to connect the dots! “Done for You” talks can be great if they happen to align exactly with your niche and message. When they DON’T, you don’t get what you really want which is to invite people onto your path to working with you. Creating talks and workshops that align with your message and brand and speak to your soulmate clients is part of your business structure. Let’s talk about the difference between talks and workshops and other creative ways to share what you do.

WEEK 10 - Mastermind Week

Bring it on! This week everyone will have a mini-laser coaching session and we all get to learn and benefit from each other. This is an exciting and illuminating session with infinite takeaways!

WEEK 11 - What Do I Need? Websites, Biz Cards, Photos and other fun stuff!

It can be overwhelming to figure out what you really need and where to invest when creating the tools for your business. What is the difference between branding and a font-based logo? What can you do for free and what is worth spending on even before you are making money? Everyone is different and once you are armed with some info you can make informed decisions.

WEEK 12 - Now What? Goal Renewals, Integrations and Next Steps

By now you have hopefully been taking more consistent action than ever before and are living the dream! Brag a little, share your biggest takeaway and most importantly… get ready to set your next goal and declare it out loud!


Your Program Includes:

  • 12 weekly Zoom video calls (Dates and Times Listed Below) with Stacey

  • Juicy content, teaching and connection on every call

  • Weekly worksheets that correspond to each session

  • TWO Private 1:1 coaching calls with Stacey to work on business action steps, mindset, beliefs and or anything that might be getting in the way of your success.

  • Private Facebook Group just for your cohort! This is one of the most valuable resources you can have for support and accountability. Stacey is IN the group every day responding to questions and cheering you on. You will have connection and energy you didn’t think was possible!

  • Access to Stacey’s Private Membership Area of her website where you will receive a weekly prep video plus all of your handouts and replays in one easy to access location.

January 2020 Cohort (All times EDT):

  • Week 1: Wednesday Jan 29, 7-9pm

  • Week 2: Wednesday Feb 5, 7-9pm

  • Week 3: Wednesday Feb 12, 7-9pm

  • Week 4: Wednesday Feb 19, 7-9pm

  • Week 5: Wednesday Feb 26, 7-9pm

  • Week 6: Wednesday Mar 4, 7-9pm

  • Week 7: Wednesday Mar 11, 7-9pm

  • Week 8: Wednesday Mar 18, 7-9pm

  • Week 9: Wednesday Mar 25, 7-9pm

  • Week 10: Wednesday Apr 1, 7-9pm

  • Week 11: Tuesday Apr 7, 7-9pm (Please note day change for Passover)

  • Week 12: Wednesday Apr 15, 7-9pm

    Note: It is encouraged to be present on all calls but things happen and recordings will always be available after our calls!

Your Investment:

Early Bird (Until Dec 15): $2,500 pay in full (reg. $2997)

(OR 3 Payments of $900)

Special early bird bonuses! Sign up as an early bird and receive a 30 minute 1:1 strategy session with Stacey and a bonus group jumpstart call in early Jan (only for EB’s)

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