How to shop while not shopping and also get things you love!


Fun fact about me:  I hate shopping. I really despise trying things on in dressing rooms, taking off my coat, shoes, clothes… I much prefer to have things arrive at my home, try them on in my own mirror, and then return what I don’t want.  I know that online shopping can get a bad rap sometimes but for me, this is definitely my preferred practice!

That being said, of course I have to shop in stores occasionally and before the availability of online shopping I used to have to shop a lot more. First of all, if you’re in the fitness industry and teach as well as practice/workout, you always need more clothes – yoga pants to be exact.  Oh, the yoga pants!  Sometimes a pair of yoga pants can cost more than a pair of great jeans only to pill and wear out and lose elasticity unless you wash by hand and hang to dry (really?).  Please.

This brings me to another important topic which is the issue of wearing yoga clothes all day long – for many more hours than should be permitted.  I even know people who don’t teach yoga and still wear yoga clothes all day!  What might this do to a person? Well, for ME I know it can make me feel very SCHLEPPY.   For over 15 years I have battled SCHLEPPINESS.  It’s tough and can really affect my mood and how I feel about myself.  And now that I have a coaching practice and often work from home, sometimes I don’t even have to leave the apartment so then the incentive to get dressed and feel put together REALLY goes out the window.

I tell you all of this because my problems have been solved – well at least the ones to do with shopping, yoga clothes and schleppiness.   

A few years ago my good friend and student started her own lifestyle and yoga clothing brand HAVEN COLLECTIVE.  Think of your ideal outfit that can go from yoga class to a meeting (albeit a casual one but still where you don’t want to look like you’re wearing the clothes you just took a class in).  Tracy’s fabrics are gorgeous, functional and her clothing is cut to actually fit women’s bodies.  I have an array of essential pieces from leggings to tops (and I am wearing all Haven in my photos on this website!). Some of my faves are the Chloe Open Back, Assymetric Tee and the Gramercy Tee (in white in my photos)!  Here are the other (even more cool) reasons I love Haven – this is a female owned company, Tracy is a Yogi and she also is a master of creating interesting partnerships in the spirit of connection and supporting one another.  Haven is sold online unless you go to a pop up event or find them at a yoga conference – so check out the website!  (And please don’t forget, this section of Inspired Living is all about shameless plugs for things that I love so that you can love them too!)

For most of my non-yoga clothes I now do most of my shopping with Stitchfix.   I actually did not anticipate LOVING this as much as I do. Stitchfix is a subscription box but the first best thing about it is that you can schedule your fixes for whenever you want.  You don’t have to get a box every month.  I usually get a box every 2-3 months (kind of seasonally) unless I really need to fill something in to my wardrobe.

Stitch Fix Collage.jpg

Another great thing about Stitchfix is that they send me labels that I would NEVER find otherwise.  If I do shop I go straight to Anthropologie and J. Crew because that’s about as much as I can handle.  But with Stitchfix I see a variety of brands as well as amazing price ranges.  You can specify what price ranges you would like them to adhere to so I get a range from less expensive to one or two more designer items here and there.

It is a little laborious to fill out the style profile BUT in the end it is totally worth it!  I have been getting boxes for a few years now and I am consistently AMAZED at how the stylists send me clothing that really fits me and for the most part goes with my preferences.  I have kept many items from my Stitchfix boxes and one time I kept everything (you get a 25% discount when you keep all 5 items).

The style fits perfectly with my lifestyle – I like to look cute but I’m not super trendy.  I like color and items that are flattering (duh) and that I can wear during the day to go to a meeting and also out to dinner in the evening.  A lot of my favorite clothing pieces are things that came in a cute box that someone else picked out for me.  Who knew?

If you want to try Stitchfix (and I think you should) feel free to use this link and let them know that I referred you!