Bedtime Rituals and Favorite Allergy Blend

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Setting up my diffuser at bedtime is one of my favorite rituals.  It all started when I got my starter kit from Young Living and I asked my sister-in-law who is my EO (essential oils) educator what was the best thing to do for allergies.  She told me that diffusing a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint t was the recommendation.   I have seasonal allergies and for some reason for me that means ALL SEASONS.  When it’s the worst, I am often awakened from sleep around 4am sneezing.  When I started diffusing at bedtime I found myself sleeping through the night.  I can’t say if it was specifically the allergy symptoms being reduced or if the calming effects of the lavender was helping me sleep better but all I knew is that something was working and I was going to stick with it!

It has now become one of my nighttime habits that I do every night.  I definitely know that having this as part of my winding down routine has helped me to become a better sleeper which is a very important ingredient for overall health. There are still nights when I wake up or have a restless sleep, but overall I have been working towards creating better habits around going to bed that will ensure that I go to sleep and STAY asleep.

I have recommended this blend to many clients that complain of allergies and they have all reported back that they feel the benefit as well and that it is nice to have a completely holistic alternative to taking medication unless it’s absolutely necessary.  All of these are included in the YL starter kit but can also be purchased individually and are some of the less expensive oils.  If you have any questions about YL, EO or where to begin just send me an email!