Individual Career and Life Coaching

I believe that evolution is intrinsic to our success as humans and to having what we truly want. In order to keep growing and shifting to respond to the needs of our live (in the way of fulfillment as well as financially) we WILL need to change. Sometimes in a huge way.

We are creative beings.

Most of us spend more than 50% of our waking hours working. So shouldn’t that be doing what you love and fulfilling your life’s mission and purpose while using all of your gifts?

If you are a high-achieving individual that knows that they are no longer satisfied with the status quo and you are waking up feeling unhappy, discontented and wanting things to be different, know this… YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. This is the Universe telling you that it is time to up-level.

Here is what I know:

  • There WILL be times in life that you realize that what you are doing is no longer serving you.

  • Or, it’s not what lights you up.

  • Or, you ARE doing meaningful work that you love but stress and worry are plaguing you and keeping you from having balance and enjoying your life and family and relationships.

  • Maybe you’ve already made your decision to do the work you love and realize that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and would like support.

    What if I told you that this is actually an exciting time? What if feeling dissatisfied or not knowing HOW to do something and realizing that you need help is a sign that you are ready for transformation and to take control of your experience?

I will help you to get past your fear of change and to move away from what is no longer serving you so that you can make choices and take empowered action to do the work you love and live a fulfilled and happy life fueled by your values and soul purpose.

Our work begins with our very first conversation. Through our co-creative process you will identify what you would like to be experiencing in the not so distant future. Our partnership is solely focused on finding out what inspires you to step into a higher vision of yourself and to see possibilities and options where you may right now be feeling limited and stuck.

Based on your goals and what we will be working towards, together we decide on a 3, 6 or 12 month container for our work (always with the option to renew). The beauty of this Evolution is that it is all about YOU!

I bring all of my skill, knowledge, passion and unique perspective to our coaching sessions which includes my business experience, major life and career transitions, advanced relaxation techniques, aspects of yoga philosophy and science, a multi-faceted approach to health and self-care, connection to nature and the universe, energetic and subtle body work, visualization and meditation, cooking and food tips, practical life skills, poetry and living with inspiration. You get everything I have to offer.

Our time together will include:

  • Creating a clear vision of what it looks like when you are doing the soul-fulfilling work you want to be doing and living the inspired life you want to be living.

  • Setting achievable goals based on what you would like to be experiencing by the end of our initial program.

  • Looking at your current business/career and what changes would be the most effective to start the ripple effect of getting to your desired outcome. We work in manageable small steps - NEVER a major overhaul that could be disruptive and overwhelming.

  • Assessing what will have impact NOW and what requires some “seeding” and yields fruits later.

  • Getting clear on your message, problem you solve and who you serve so that you can put this out into the world and start attracting your dream clients.

  • Working to improve your lifestyle, schedule, health and stress level.

  • Exploring any current challenges that come up in life, at work or in your relationships.

  • Action steps to create new pathways of thinking and ways of seeing yourself in the world.

  • Powerful tools, question sequences and experiential exercises to work on your mindset, money story, limiting beliefs and identity.

  • Inspiration and encouragement to try something new.

  • (Re)Awakening your intuition and trusting your gut instincts.

  • My boundless enthusiasm for your success and loving support every step of the way.

You will receive:

  • 3 monthly 1:1 sessions with me via phone or ZOOM conferencing - two 60 and one 90 minute

  • Unlimited Access to me via VOXER, text and email for support and accountability

  • My eyes and editing on any business related materials you would like my input on (newsletters, proposals, bios, website content, etc.)

  • Curated Information, tools and resources as needed

What will happen if you don’t start figuring this out NOW? What legacy would you like to leave for your family, children and the world?

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Let’s start the conversation.

My work with Stacey changed my life. I acknowledged my limiting beliefs. I improved the way I relate to the world and to other people. I peeled away layers of my identity to discover my essence. I now embody my authentic self and understand that I co-create my world. While many things are out of my control, I am now ready to deal with any challenge gracefully. My mind is clearer. My heart is fuller. My awareness has expanded. Every moment is richer. And the future is limitless. Stacey facilitated this magical change. What more can one ask for from a coach?
— Amil B.

Are You Ready to Take Action?