Fertility Coaching

I work with women who are going through IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies.  Our time together is custom tailored according to exactly where you are on your journey and to what will serve you best at any given point in time. 

Having gone through every type of treatment there is, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on all things related to assisted reproductive technology! Because of the nature of who I am I have extensive knowledge and understanding as I have probably asked all of the questions you would like answers to and can help you navigate through the ins and outs of your journey to have a baby. As your coach I will be here to listen, explain, answer your questions to the best of my ability (I ALWAYS defer to your doctor but sometimes as with anything it is helpful to hear that there are often things to consider that your doctor may not be bringing up)) and provide you with only curated information that is beneficial and helpful to you. I will research anything on your behalf that I might not know to keep you from going down the rabbit hole known as GOOGLE, and will keep you clear and on track in order to focus on what is most important for you at this time.

My coaching for women going through treatment is based on my personal experience going through 6 years of fertility treatments ranging from IUI and IVF to donor eggs and donor embryos. I have been on every medication and I understand the physical, mental and emotional toll that trying to get pregnant can take no matter where you are in the process and how little help and information there seems to be when you are trying to figure it all out.  I have been there, have the information and would love to help you get to your desired outcome by reducing your stress and overwhelm, getting you into your best health and maintaining a positive outlook!  

I am proud to be a recommended provider on FertileGirl.  Click HERE to see my most recent blog piece on Fertility and Friendship!


3 Month IVF Support Plan


You will receive:

  • 12 weekly 60 minute coaching sessions via phone or skype

  • Unlimited access to me via VOXER, text and email for support in between sessions

  • Specific information, tools and resources just for you

Our time together will include:

  • Processing all of your medical information from your doctor to make sure that you have a clear understanding of everything.

  • Helping you to formulate questions, communicate and ask for what you need when speaking to nurses, doctors or anyone else at your practice.

  • Empower you to advocate for what you want if necessary.

  • Making sure that you are taking the best care of yourself to prepare for treatment as well as pregnancy!

  • Recommendations for high quality natural supplements if needed (always approved by your doctor).

  • Stress reducing and receptivity increasing practices including self-care.

  • Inspiration, encouragement and support (and finding the humor!)

If applicable:

  • How to stay connected to your partner and have healthy communication while going through treatment.

  • Coaching around making big decisions about next steps.

  • How to take care of yourself while on meds and what to expect.

  • How to survive the 2 week wait.

  • What to do when you have to try again.

*Investment information is provided during our free consultation.  This one hour coaching call is complimentary and there is no obligation to sign up.  I guarantee a call that leaves you feeling hopeful, inspired and more informed whether we work together or not.

**All advice and information are meant to be compatible with your doctor's recommendations and never to replace or conflict with any medical advice that you are receiving.  We will always work together to make sure we are in sync with all of your practitioners and protocols with only the best outcome in mind!

Stacey is a naturally gifted coach and I’m so lucky to have had the chance to have her as my fertility coach. I first met Stacey as my yoga teacher over ten years ago when I fell in love with her teaching because of her loving and compassionate personality and her deep knowledge and expertise about the yoga practice. Naturally, I was drawn to working with Stacey as my coach and I’m so glad I did. Stacey brings the same amazing qualities to her coaching practice; I’ve been so impressed by Stacey’s deep knowledge, wisdom and expertise on fertility as well as her ability to explain complex information with such simplicity. Stacey knows so much about fertility and helps you understand how to better take care of yourself - physically, mentally and spiritually - while being incredibly encouraging and caring. I recommend Stacey to anyone who is considering making an investment on their fertility journey.
— M.