Inspired Living: Essential Oils

Essential Oils are one of my go-to favorite self-care items. I have a ritual of diffusing oils every night to go to sleep and I have certain oils that I use for when I’m working, meditating or just to rub on my temples and wrists for when I’m feeling stressed! I always have a bottle or two in my bag and especially love to surprise my yoga students during Savasana with a little whiff. 

I am a distributor of Young Living oils because they are chemical free, pure and responsibly sourced.  If you’re interested in making a purchase, you can use this link to buy retail or become a member/distributor yourself and get great discounts and benefits! If you want to become a member, my recommendation is to buy the PREMIUM STARTER KIT WITH DEWDROP DIFFUSER for the best value and a great selection of oils to get you going.