Coaching Programs

The shape of my life is, of course, determined by many things; my background and childhood, my mind and its education, my conscience and its pressures, my heart and its desires.

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Take Charge of Change: 


The 90 Day Total Evolution


In my bespoke program, your journey to having the health & life of your dreams is carefully curated by me, ensuring that every session is exactly what it needs to be for your continued growth and evolution.  I work with you to draw out the highest vision you can have for yourself and then I uphold and support that vision with you, helping you to shift your beliefs about what is possible now and in your future.  The beauty of this 90 Day Evolution is that it is all about YOU! 

Are you ready to experience your life in alignment?  Can you imagine waking up with a feeling of abundance, gratitude and joy on a regular basis, loving yourself and attracting the relationships, work and money that you deserve?  

When we work together I bring all of my skill, knowledge, passion and unique perspective to your program which may include aspects of yoga philosophy and science, advanced relaxation techniques, connection to nature and the universe, energetic and subtle body work, visualization and meditation, cooking and food tips, practical life skills, poetry and living with inspiration.   

You will receive:

  • A personalized welcome package with gifts chosen by me just for you
  • 1 75-minute kick-off session (first call only) via phone or Skype
  • 11 additional weekly one-hour coaching sessions via phone or Skype
  • Priority access to me via text and email for support and accountability
  • Curated Information, tools and resources 
  • Custom recorded meditation or visualization made exclusively for you

Our time together will include:

  • Assessing which areas of your health & life need nourishment first
  • Creating a clear vision of who you want to be and the life you want to be living
  • Setting up measurable and attainable goals that are directly connected to your desired outcome
  • Action steps that can be easily integrated into your life NOW
  • Small shifts in your behavior and habits that have big results
  • Inspiration and encouragement to try something new
  • (Re)Awakening your intuition and trusting your gut instincts
  • Powerful tools, question sequences and experiential exercises 
  • My boundless enthusiasm and loving support every step of the way
I am close to the end of my first 90-day program with Stacey as my coach and so far the results are amazing! She has an incredible ability to listen and I felt really heard and acknowledged. During our sessions, we found out some things that were blocking me mentally and by following her suggestions, I feel like I am making progress like never before. And I have tried everything! Although my end goal is to lead a healthier lifestyle, I come from a long background of deprivation and dieting, and she has been so amazing to meet me where I am at and tailor a program just for me that addresses some of these issues as well. I am so glad I took the leap and chose to work with Stacey. She is smart, knowledgeable, empathetic and uplifting! I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their relationship with food!
— Marie L.

Are you ready to take charge of change?


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Get Back on Track:

The Feel Your Best 28 Day Boost


This 28 Day mini program is ideal for those times when you need to get back on track!  Maybe you haven't been working out the way you used to, your great healthy eating plan has fallen to the wayside, or your daily schedule is all over the place and you just need a push and some focus to start utilizing your time more efficiently.  

Think of this as a "habit reset". In your discovery session we will assess what would be the most useful for you to focus on and create a specific and measurable goal that can be achieved in the 28 day time frame.  Your custom program may include meal planning, creating your ideal morning routine to set you up for success, schedule assessment or possibly even a total reset cleanse.  

You will receive:

  • 4 weekly one-hour coaching sessions via phone or Skype
  • Access to me via text and email for support and accountability
  • Curated Information, tools and resources chosen just for you
  • Connecting with me though the custom COACH CONNECT app for food and activity tracking and meal planning

Our time together will include:

  • Setting an attainable goal that is connected to your vision for what it means to feel your best
  • Assessing which foods and activities are giving you energy and which might be taking it away
  • Action steps that can be easily integrated into your life
  • My inspiration and encouragement 
  • Holistic nutritional or lifestyle changes to support any current medical conditions or doctor’s advice

My clients experience many or all of the following results:

  • Stress reduction (mentally and physically)
  • Weight loss
  • Optimized metabolism
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy and productivity
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and the medications my doctor prescribed were not helping me. Choosing Stacey as my health coach was the best decision I made to help me take charge of my health. Together we were able to make the right choices about food and exercise. Stacey is supportive, encouraging and nurturing. I wholeheartedly recommend her. It was the wisest investment in myself.
— Paul M.

Are you ready to get back on track?