I cannot say enough about Stacey and what she has helped me uncover about myself. I have been working with Stacey to help grow my coaching business and she has guided me towards so much clarity that no other coach has been able to do by always turning me back toward my passion. I’m no longer in my head about what my business “should” look like, but am now focused on what I truly WANT my business to look like, even if it doesn’t “make sense” to others. Since fully embracing my passion I have increased my coaching prices, started creating a signature talk that truly resonates with who I am, and signed my first paid-in-full client at my increased pricing! The ease at which these results have come due to her encouragement and guidance is impossible to translate. If you are struggling to know your direction in your career, I would highly recommend working with her!
— Ally B., Health Coach


I signed on with Stacey for 3 months of life and business coaching because I was having hesitations and questions surrounding my schedule and business plan as a small business owner. I was going through a difficult transition and needed help. Stacey was very patient and positive with her approach. She asked many questions about the way I think, my mindset and behavior and encouraged me to think for myself; this way I was able to answer many of my own questions and figure things out with her help. After my sessions with Stacey, I felt happy and rejuvenated. Stacey also integrates meditation and mindfulness into her coaching practice which helps me so much and aligns with my lifestyle. I would recommend Stacey to anyone having business or any life related issues that are stopping them from being the person they are destined to become! My approach to my business and obstacles in my life is much improved since I’ve worked with Stacey!
— Nicole D., Yoga Studio Owner and Meditation Teacher
Compassionate Cheerleader is how I describe Stacey.

I recently went back to being an entrepreneur after working for various companies for the last 15 years and knew that I needed Stacey’s support and guidance to get my business up and running successfully within a three month time period. We made so much progress in 12 weeks and I am so elated that my business is up and running and making money!

Stacey helped me envision a highly successful business that I didn’t know was possible before I began working with her. She gave me the courage and the foresight to think bigger as I created my business. She didn’t let me ‘play it safe’. This is exactly what I needed and she met my needs from our very first session together. I never imagined how fast my business has taken off and continues to expand! Stacey provided me with many skills and insights that I now incorporate in my daily work. She has a way of breaking down projects and lists that seem overwhelming into simple and FUN tasks. Stacey hears the needs of her clients and is able to successfully guide them through the obstacles that appear unattainable and daunting. You want Stacey on your team!
— Heidi K., Ayurvedic Aestehtician
Stacey is a rockstar. Engaging and receptive and totally meets you where you are to help you push further towards your own personal goals. She’s the best type of cheerleader, making sure your goals are clear but then reminding you what you accomplished and where you’re going. I consider myself to be pretty self-motivated but with Stacey’s help, I’ve been able learn what it means to work smarter instead of harder, really focusing on learning and valuing what’s important to me and getting rid of all the clutter (physical and emotional and LITERAL) so that I have the space to breathe and G R O W. It has been time incredibly well spent, I’ve done more with Stacey’s guidance in the past few weeks than I’ve done in the past 6 months and it feels awesome! This has been just the kick in the pants I’ve needed. Here’s to the journey!
— Halima H., Actress
Stacey came into my life at the perfect time. When I first spoke with her I knew she had the kind of energy and vibe I needed in my support system. She is what i consider high vibe, super positive and compassionate. I was feeling stuck in my business and losing confidence. I was unclear about how I fit in as a coach. Stacey since has guided me in making conscious decisions about the direction of my business that feel in line with my truth. Since working with Stacey I have started my first high end group coaching program and could not be more happy about the direction of my business. I would not have wanted to do this without her.
— Sandy J., Health Coach
Where do I begin? I’ve been working with Stacey to help grow my coaching business, and it has been better than I even imagined. She has a way about her that makes her so personable, and you can’t help but want to be around her and learn from her. In just 6 weeks, she has helped me take a fear that was holding me back, and break it down into smaller, easy to do steps, that use my strengths to my advantage. I also found my passion for my coaching again, after an exercise Stacey walked me through. It was very simple, but so important because we need to remember our ‘why’. Why we love coaching and became a coach. I had lost that passion and without Stacey, I may not have rekindled it for a long, long time. Her approach is so simple, yet very successful. The best decision I made was signing up to be coached by Stacey, and it has been the best investment I’ve made for my business!
— Cindi S., Clean Eating Coach
I have been working with Stacey for over six weeks in her “Out of Overwhelm” program” and believe that this has really changed my game. I feel more energized, calm and supported to just go for it. To move thru fear and overwhelm, and jump into the get up and go! With the little fire she lights under your butt, I have started my first fb live free series and feel it has been successful. Her perspective on really developing relationship first and being patient, helped me get more in tune with my coaching. She effectively takes the fear, stress and selling yourself out of it and gives ideas and suggestions that make so much more sense in helping people, not just building a business. This really put things in perspective for me and at the same time reduced the stress and overwhelm that I had been so acutely feeling. Stacey has helped make this journey more fun, exciting and feel actually doable.
Her descriptions and conversations on what’s possible and which avenues to travel have been inspiring to me. Stacey has a take on coaching which for me, has helped reduce the stress of getting started on building a business. She has really helped me feel that as a new entrepreneur, I can not only do this but also be a loving, caring person at the same time.”
— Britt G., Health Coach
What I have gained more than anything else from working with Stacey is the reminder that anyone can succeed if they believe in themselves enough and have the passion to do it. Like Stacey, I have had the privilege of “being” many things in my professional life. Often, when one evolves along this non-traditional career path, there is a trust factor involved. Stacey knows that and she knows how scary (and exhilarating) it can be to experience a career shift. As a creative entrepreneur, I was grateful to have her accountability and tried-and-true advice as I launched my coaching practice.
— Maria C., Life Coach for Moms
My work with Stacey changed my life. I acknowledged my limiting beliefs. I improved the way I relate to the world and to other people. I peeled away layers of my identity to discover my essence. I now embody my authentic self and understand that I co-create my world. While many things are out of my control, I am now ready to deal with any challenge gracefully. My mind is clearer. My heart is fuller. My awareness has expanded. Every moment is richer. And the future is limitless. Stacey facilitated this magical change. What more can one ask for from a coach?
— Amil B., Wealth Manager