Over the last 7 years, I have created and taught numerous Teacher Training programs and curriculums that have launched the careers of some of the most dynamic and well respected teachers in NYC and around the world. This is an absolute passion for me—in addition to loving what happens during a well-crafted “one-off” class, I love nothing more than breaking things down and getting to the nitty gritty in a deep way. I have worked over the years to develop and fine tune my ability to teach to specific levels. I specialize in knowing what and how to teach for any audience, from absolute beginners to experienced teachers. I adjust content and information in a way that speaks directly to the heart and mind of who is in the classroom. 

I can customize my trainings and workshops to suit the needs of your studio or teacher training and would be more than happy to do so!

The things that I learned from Stacey in Teacher Training are invaluable! Her vast knowledge of yoga from basic alignment to the esoteric was inspiring and made me eager to learn more. She has greatly impacted my personal practice and who I am as a teacher. I am so grateful for everything Stacey has taught me and I am excited to continue my yoga journey with her guidance!
— Christina C., 200 Hour TT Graduate

Yoga Teacher Trainings & Workshops

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Props for Bring me To Your Studio.jpg

This can range from an experiential 2-hour workshop to complete 30-hour teacher training. I can customize this for a 200-hour training basic intro or as an advanced training for already certified teachers.

  • Understanding Relaxation, the Nervous System and Stress

  • Asana – Full training of active and passive restorative postures using varying degrees of support

  • Alignment of relaxation and how to look at bodies

  • Detailed explanation of props, how to use them, the effects of placement on the nervous system

  • Advanced restoratives including inversions

  • The art of teaching – sequencing, demonstrating, assisting

  • Guiding visualizations, meditations, breathing exercises and addressing the subtle body

Sequencing & Alignment

This training can range from 10-30 hours. I teach class construction and sequencing, bringing together the tradition of Krishnamacarya’s Vinyasa Krama and alignment in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.

  • Philosophy of intelligent alignment based sequencing

  • Detailed alignment and action of Asana

  • My signature method of Dissecting Poses for effective and masterful class sequencing

  • The art of teaching alignment while maintaining Vinyasa flow

  • Language and cueing for effective and relatable instruction

  • Creating a holistic experience with a beginning, middle and an end

  • Sun Salutations that set the rhythm and tone for a class

How to Teach Levels

This can be any length workshop for teachers or a teacher training component for 200 or 300 hour trainings. Even as a senior level experienced trainer, I have taught Level 1 classes throughout my entire career. I have learned by working with thousands of students that not only are there different levels of students but there are different types of learners. In addition, many teachers are now teaching “open” level classes and don’t know how to approach that. I have developed clear information to help teachers succeed and excel in the classroom.

  • Sequencing and Asana for different levels

  • When to offer modifications and when to TEACH

  • How to teach open level classes and in spaces with limited or no props

  • Adjusting your information and cueing for different levels of students

  • What is important to teach and what is not

  • How to create an experience that will leave your students feeling a greater sense of connection and a desire to come back

  • Different types of learning and how to reach everyone

  • Knowing what you are there to teach and why and using that as your guide

Stacey is truly ‘the teachers’ teacher.’ I had already been teaching for 9 years when I enrolled in her advanced teacher training program, but she brought my teaching to a completely new level. Stacey’s expertise in alignment and her unique method of crafting the perfectly choreographed class is unequalled. I still practice with her weekly, seven years later, not only to advance my own personal sadhana, but to continue the growth of my technical knowledge which continues to inform and improve my own teaching.
— Dana M., 300 Hour TT Graduate

Hands on Adjustments and Assists


This can be any length workshop for teachers or a teacher training component for 200 or 300 hour trainings.

  • The delicacy of physical touch and how to use your hands as effective teaching tools and energetic conduits

  • The art of assisting

  • Correcting and Adjusting

  • Hands on technique and important reminders

  • Understanding direction of movement, grounding and traction

  • Types of assists

  • Deepening the pose and when it’s appropriate

  • Assisting into a pose (inversions, etc)

  • Specific assists for specific Asanas

Inspiration and Themes

This can be any length workshop for teachers or a teacher training component for 200 or 300 hour trainings.

  • How to bring what inspires you into the classroom

  • Crafting themes for classes that are relatable and rooted in ancient and/or authoritative teachings

  • Exploring the “Big Picture” of Yoga and what we want our students to take away

  • Poetry and text interpretation